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Grant Nation, B.S.

Lab Manager

Born in Owensboro, Kentucky, Grant Nation has always had an interest in science. The son of a pharmacist, he always knew that interest would manifest itself the field of healthcare. Grant graduated from Centre College as a Brown Fellows Scholar with a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He is interested in pursuing the cutting edge of research on mechanisms of chronic diseases, such as tauopathies like Alzheimer’s, in the hope of developing a treatment for them. Previously Grant has worked with the biotechnology company Kentucky BioProcessing on various projects, Dr. Penni Black at UK College of Pharmacy on non-small cell lung cancer, and Dr. Marie Nydam at Centre College on the genetic introgression of Ciona intestinalis. He is planning to attend graduate school in pursuit of a PhD in the coming years. His job as lab manager with the Abisambra lab is a duty and a pleasure as he enables, and participates in, the advancement of science.

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