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AD/PD Vienna

3/2017                          Poster Presentations by Grant and Joe 

                                     Short Talk by Grant

                                     Talks from Chiara and Joe

Midwest Stress Response Conference

1/2017                          Poster Participants

                                    Speaker: Joe Abisambra

Markesbery Symposium

 11/2016                       Poster Participants

                                    Keynote speaker: Joe Abisambra  "Translation impairment as a major contributor to tauopathy pathogenesis and                                                       progression"



Markesbery Symposium on Aging & Dementia spotlight




Research Retreat Physiology Department

8/2016                         Poster Award- Dealla Samadi & Shelby Meier



UK NOW – Research’s Blog

06/2016                       Featured Lab Promotion Article during Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, Internet, Lexington, KY




University of Kentucky Research Media - SoundCloud Podcast

06/2016                       Lab Promotion, Internet




Panorama – Canal Uno CM& Televisión

05/2016                       Lab Promotion in Colombian National TV show.




Lab TV – NIH

04/2016                       Lab Promotion, Internet





04/2016                       Lab Promotion, Internet, Lexington, KY.





03/2016                       Promotion UK SBCoA Foundation, Television, Lexington, KY, Lee Cruse & Dia Davidson




01/2016                       Lab Promotion, Internet, Lexington, KY.




University of Kentucky Public Relations/ WBUL-FM/WLAP-AM

11/2015                       “At the Half” Personal Interview, Radio, Lexington, KY, Carl Nathe


Markesbery Symposium

09/2015                      Outstanding Poster Award- Elizabeth Mechas



10/2015                       Lab Promotion, Internet, Lexington, KY.




06/2015                       Lab Promotion, Internet, Lexington, KY.



Thermo Fisher Scientific/Internet

05/2015                       EVOS Microscope; expert’s opinion, Internet, Lexington, KY, Chris Freson



11/2013                       Promotion Markesbery Symposium, Television, Lexington, KY, Doug High


El Universal/Newsprint

10/2013                       Conference Announcement of our work, Newspaper Print, Cartagena, Colombia



Recon Surgical Videos/Internet

12/2012                       “Collaboration in Science” Internet Interview, Tampa, FL, Rob Rehnke


Tampa Bay Community Center/Public Access Television

11/2012                       “Happy & Healthy” Series for Older Adults, Television, Tampa, FL, Louise Thompson


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