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Sara Galvis

Biomedical Engineer

My name is Sara Galvis and I am a Biomedical Engineer, currently doing my Master’s degree in Epidemiology. As someone who was drawing pictures of "devices" that would do my chores for me when I was a little kid, I always knew I would choose a field related to science. 


This is why I chose Biomedical Engineering as my major, and had the amazing opportunity to do my undergraduate internship and later work for some time at the Abisambra Lab. I gained invaluable experience in Neuroscience preclinical research, lab techniques, writing and speaking skills, as well as the chance tune fining my competence in writing project for different proposals. I also had the opportunity of meeting amazing talented people, work and learn from them.

I believe science must be something collaborative, with the aim of making a positive impact in society, and for me there is no greater example for that than a research lab that does collaborative projects. I am extremely grateful for the amazing learning opportunity I was given with the LABisambra family. I am very honored to still have the opportunity to do projects with the Abisambra lab, focused on academic exchange and international collaboration, and hope to keep doing so.

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